Arch Linux

As an Arch Linux developer I am involved in many related projects. Some of these are listed here:

  • Packages..
    ..I maintain
    ..I have built
    ..I broke
  • devtools
    A set of tools to create and maintain official Arch Linux packages. It contains wrappers around makepkg to build packages in a defined environment using systemd’s nspawn container.
  • dbscripts
    Server side scripts to manage our package repositories. Packages can be added, removed but also moved between repositories. A series of unit tests ensures correctness and avoids problems due to changes and updates.
  • Release Engineering
    We provide a monthly snapshot of our install media. The live media for USB thumb drives and CD-ROM is created using archiso. It also contains pacstrap from the arch-install-scripts package to easily install a base system.
  • archiso
    The official Arch install media is built using these scripts.
  • archlinux-keyring
    The GPG keys of Arch Linux packagers are maintained in this project and provided by the archliunx-keyring package.
  • Wiki (MediaWiki)
    Our Wiki is powered by a customized version of MediaWiki. It includes our theme, integration with FluxBB and a plugin to counteract spam.
  • Forums (FluxBB)
    The Arch forums are provided by a themed version of FluxBB. Similar to our Wiki it also contains anti spam measures.
  • archportal
    A customizable and translatable web application to build a local Arch Linux community. It provides a landing page and a package browser. In addition to this it hosts the pkgstats statistic pages.

Other Open Source Projects

Some of the projects I work on are not directly related to Arch:

  • w3watch
    A simple way to monitor web sites and get notified on changes. It can work on raw HTML or just the resulting text. A filter supports regular expressions. This is especially useful to get notify on upstream package updates when no RSS feed or announcement mailing list is provided.
  • PHP packages on Packagist

Projects I used to contribute to

  • WordPress XCache Plugin
    Utilizing the XCache PHP extension, this WordPress plugin provides a fast object cache implementation. This was initially developed for this very blog.
  • WordPress APCu Plugin
    An object cache plugin using the APCu PHP extension as backend.
  • kde-build
    These scripts were developed to simplify maintenance of the Arch Linux KDE packages. This projects was passed on to Andrea.
  • LL
    A forum software which was developed to support multiple different boards sharing a user base. The boards may share individual sub forums. File uploads, image proxies and polls are supported. Users can start a private on demand thread based on an invitation system. used to be run by LL, but was discontinued in 2010 and replaced by FluxBB.